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When Free Stock Photos Are Not a Good Idea

There’s no denying that free stock photos ( are quite easy to find in the internet. But still, anyone that had met with this issue knows major problem that comes in this case: small database of photos.

We have to make it clear: creating large gallery of quality stock photos is a major investment. We cannot demand stock photos for free and then later count on big effects such as gallery mentioned. Websites that have big galleries are wanting some payments from users, what is definitely understandable, especially when we’ll see on how high level they operate. But it is true that not everyone can afford to use such site. Often it also happens that someone could easily afford registration to even expensive stock photo sites, but he just doesn’t need that – if you’re making one gallery or presentation once in a long time, then certainly free resources will do just fine for you.

If though in your work you will constantly need stock photos then you’ll better consider whether it would be good to be a user of some pay month-to-month stock photo website, it will save you a lot of time you would spend on search for free photos.

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